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Audun MB

Bad IE9 support

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Audun MB

The PL framework shold work with any updated browser, but it is not flawless in IE9.


I have two (three) issues with our site in IE9. Take a look with your own browser to see them.


The first one, and the most serious, is described here.


The second is image-resizing in normal text widgets (see the footer). For some reason, they are not resized in IE, which cause them to look a bit odd. 


The third may be related to the Events Manager plugin, though I don't have the issue with TwentyTwelve. For some reason the first event in the Events Manager widget looks different from the rest. Only a minor thing, but I'd like to have it fixed.


Any suggestions for how to fix them? I guess some CSS could fix the two issues above, though for the first issue, it is a bug in PL.


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Please do not create a duplicate topics for the same issue, I have replied here - http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/22569-black-boxes-in-ie9/


2 & 3. I am not a Windows user and therefore, do not have IE available, can you provide screenshots

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • Audun MB
      By Audun MB+
      This plugin is great in Firefox and Chrome, but in other browsers there are smalle issues. 
      The ugliest issue shows in IE, Opera Mobile and Android browser.
      I'm not using the "Splash logo" option, but in these three browsers (at least) there's an empty image where it should be. 

      Also in Opera Mobile, the background image acts weird, where it is resized to only cover a quarter of the background (sorry, no screenshot).