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Hey Pagelines People,


A small tweak I'd love to suggest for a future version of Pagelines is adding a Vimeo social icon option (in addition to YouTube).  Many of us, especially in the non-profit community are using Vimeo - and I'm sure loads of other Pageliners are as well.


just a thought,


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    • dougalperman
      By dougalperman+
      Hi there,
      I'm a big fan of Pagelines, and have been for years.
      I'm trying to control the size of video embeds and having some difficulty. I see that I can just paste the Vimeo video URL into the post and an embed widget will automatically appear, which is great. But the embed box created is much taller that the video (689 x 1000 pixels) so the content sits in the middle of a tall black box, which looks awkward.
      I tried using the full iFrame embed code from Vimeo, which solved the disproportionate embed frame size (or aspect ratio) issue, but despite specifying the dimensions I want (690 x 388), the videos displayed on the post are sized at 300 x 150 pixels.
      I can't work out how to change either.
      I'm using the latest version of Pagelines Framework (Pro) with the Agency them.
      Any help or advice very much appreciated.
    • thebastion
      By thebastion
      Hi there,
      I have embedded a video into a Revslider slide by uploading it to 'uploads' in my WordPress folder.  I am using MaxCDN which is serving the video but it is still jerky and does not stream smoothly if at all (On IE all I get is sound).
      Is there a way to embed (ideally) Vimeo or YouTube videos into the slide?  It doesn't seem to recognise the Vimeo URL to the video.
    • fullcontact
      By fullcontact
      I've noticed that when I use the Vimeo Shortcode on my sites that are using SSL that the embedded video is being pulled with an insecure URL from the vimeo cdn.  Is there a way to fix this?
    • leftcoastmichael
      By leftcoastmichael+
      I have a video that was created on a iPad, i.e. it is 728W x 1028H.  I uploaded it to Vimeo and used this embed code:
      <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/78777717" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
      The video appears on this page:
      When played from the Safari browser on an iPad, I would expect to see it play full-screen, exactly fitting the screen. However, this is what I see:

      - Clicking the "expand" button does nothing.
      - I then use my fingers to 'resize' the window, and I see this. I suspect it is 'full screen' but using the default width settings.

      Almost there.  I then double-tap on it, and I can see what I wanted to see from the very beginning:

      Sweet. The video fills my iPad screen and I am watching the demo as if it is an actually app.
      Any idea how I can change the embed code to make it play this way (full-screen and full-aspect)? This will be part of a rather long web page with lots of short video clips, and I don't want our customers to have to resize each time.
    • mxhg
      By mxhg
      Dear Pagelines Team,
      I want to create a website with a portfolio of the films I made.
      As "Portfolio" Page I use a template with the "Features" inside.
      My Problem: The Video should fill the right part of the feature box not just a bit.
      Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
      Website URL: http://imagefilmproduktion.com/portfolio/ (see Projekt 2 in the Features)
      Framework Version: 2.4.4
      WordPress Version: 3.6.1. 
      Plugins in Use: Exclude Pages, WIdget LOgic
      Server/Host: webspace
      Screenshots: attached
      Now it looks like this: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2P2Kbg4kca2amVVMHpRaXdVa1U/edit?usp=sharing
      But it should look like this (Mockup): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2P2Kbg4kca2eF9GdzZVMWgtY3M/edit?usp=sharing
      best wishes