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Audun MB

Launch page background size

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Audun MB

(I assume Launch Gate is actually LaunchPage).


The instructions for the background size of the launchpage is confusing. 1200w recommended it says, but it since there is some aspect resizing involved this is pointless. My background image is 1200 px wide, but in order to make it look OK I need to know what's the recommended height as well. 

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I have moved this topic to the technical support forum since LaunchPage is a PageLines-built product. :)

Jenny :: Web designer at Simple Mama (follow me at @simplemamacom)

Check out Share Me, a social sharing add-on for DMS that is super simple to set up.

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    • dreamsight
      By dreamsight
      http://www.pagelines.com/shop/plugins/launchpage/ shows a 404. I can't connect to the store from my site and it doesn't show in my Lauchpad. where can I download this from?
    • Audun MB
      By Audun MB+
      This plugin is great in Firefox and Chrome, but in other browsers there are smalle issues. 
      The ugliest issue shows in IE, Opera Mobile and Android browser.
      I'm not using the "Splash logo" option, but in these three browsers (at least) there's an empty image where it should be. 

      Also in Opera Mobile, the background image acts weird, where it is resized to only cover a quarter of the background (sorry, no screenshot).
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      I've loaded the plugin "launchpad" LaunchPage onto a new site I'm working on, and I'm running into a problem with Google Analytics.
      The launchpad LaunchPage looks fine, and functions well from a design standpoint, but Google isn't able to find my tracking code. I've entered it into the Pagelines "Site Options" page, just as I have for all of my other sites running Pagelines. But, Google can't find the code.
      I even added a separate Google Analytics plugin to see if I could circumvent whatever the problem was in Pagelines, but Google still can't track the site.
      Is anyone having a similar problem?