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image slider with support for portrait and landscape images

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Hi all.


I am looking for a slider that can accommodate portrait and landscape images.

I want it to load the images randomly and so that portrait and landscape can be displayed in the same row (same height)

In fact, it is more like LARGE thumbnails slowly scrolling across the screen and when you click to view, it shows the large images in lightbox type display.


Does anyone know where i can find something like that?


The pictree theme (http://themes.doitmax.de/?theme=PicTree) is what i am looking to emulate, but would like to build it on pagelines.







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If I'm honest I am not aware of any plugin that offers this functionality but I could be wrong. What you could do is search the Wordpress plugin repository or Code Canyon for a plugin that offers what you're looking for.


An alternative would be to contact one of our Pros, who may be able to assist you - http://www.pagelines.com/pros/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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