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In 'Settings > Reading' I have set 'Front page displays' to 'latest posts'. But that homepage has loads of other stuff.


I would like to create another 'clean' homepage for the blogposts only. 


I have tried to drag & drop the 'postloop' into the content area of 'template 2' and created a new page titled "Blog" with this template... but this doesn't do the trick. It shows an empty page. What am I missing? 


How to create a second home for blogposts only? Preferably with title, date posted, featured image, some text, nr of comments.



Man thanks in advance,

Kind regards,






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Hi Floris,


When you use the Wordpress Static pages setting, your homepage will be not be able to contain posts without a little help. In order to add your posts, or display a few of your latest posts you will either need to use a plugin such as Special Recent Posts or a section such as AnyLoop.


Also, for your interest Wordpress only allows one blog page, if you require more then you will need to use categories.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks for the response, Danny - 


I understand that Wordpress assigns the the index page for blog posts, but we often will be able to run a query/loop on a page template to produce a set of posts (e.g. certain category posts, custom post types, etc).


In our case, we would like to run loop (default, most recent first) on the home page (in addition to maintaining the blog page) and use wordpress tags to pull tags, post-meta, excerpt, thumbnail, etc.

Thanks for your help!



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Hi Floris,


Let me apologize in advance if I've misunderstood this...


While WordPress index (home) page will call the number of posts set in Dashboard > Settings > Reading, it may be overridden by a static homepage.  These will not have posts on them unless you use a plugin like Special Recent Posts.  However, if you create a page called blog, news or anything you desire, you may set that to be the blog page in the lower of the two drop downs at the Reading settings page.


This will automatically pull the same number of posts as a default homepage.  However, no matter what template you apply, it will still show as using the Blog template.  The reason for this is that PageLines is applying the Special Page template to allow the blog posts to be formatted cleanly and without interference.  If you want to add things like sliders, boxes, etc, you may apply them to the Blog template in Drag & Drop.


You may read more about static Blog pages and Front pages.  A blank page will invariably result when the blog page isn't set up correctly or if the incorrect sections are added or subtracted in the template.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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