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Working with others?

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Would any of you share with me how your setup is for working with others? What system do you use when developing and how do you handle changes on existing sites?









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Hi Bolette,


I apologize, but could you clarify a bit more? How do we work with other what?


Unfortunately, I cannot say what's used to develop our product as I'm not a developer.


What kind of changes on existing sites?



Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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    • gabelloyd
      By gabelloyd
      I've Googled for the past hour on this, but I feel like this a really n00b question.  
      Background: This is not my first website, but first Pagelines.
      Platform:  WP 3.8
      Theme:  DMS
      Pagelines:  free
      Local setup:  MAMP, php 5.5.3
      Process of "loading files" on my local environment:  Drag theme folders into the "wp-content/themes" folder.  (this is how I work locally without problem, usually)
      Goal:  Install DMS Theme for a local working environment, add a child theme.
      I've downloaded the installed the DMS theme (free).  At first, I just loaded this to an existing project.  When I did not see the DMS in the Appearance> Themes area, I thought "Well, maybe the existing installation is conflicting with it?".  
      I loaded the site to a test server and I was able to load the theme using the "upload a .zip file" method (not loading the file using my FTP client directly into the themes folder).  This works.  Hm.
      I decided that I should try installing the DMS locally on a fresh install of WP.  Installed on a new database, new theme folder, again the DMS theme is not recognized.  Hm.  So, I loaded the base child theme I found on Github:  https://github.com/bearded-avenger/nicks-base-theme by copying these files into my themes folder, and THAT showed up (but of course is saying that it's parent theme 'dms' is not found).  
      I'm stumped.  Can I not drag theme folders into the 'wp-content/themes/' folder for local installation?  Did I miss something in the documentation about working locally?  
      Thanks for your help!
    • Olly
      By Olly
      I am running MAMP PRO for local development. After considerable headaches (see my other post!), I have setup a local development environment at a special local domain name: www.mysite-localdev.com:8888
      The live site is located at www.mysite.com
      My question is, how can I use the Pagelines store in my local environment? I obviosly don't want to activate the local devlopemnt site address (www.mysite-localdev.com:8888), only the live site address, but I can't use the live site locally. If I activate it, does that use up one of my six product activations? If so, how can I get access to the store when developing locally without activating?
      Is the only way to do this, to use the same address for the local development site, as the live site (pushed local via the HOSTS file)?
    • Olly
      By Olly
      I appreciate this question is not specifically about Pagelines itself, but I could really use some help with this.
      I have setup MAMP for doing Pagelines DMS local development on my MBPro running OSX Mavericks. However, when I come to try and install themes and plugins in the Wordpress back end it requests me for my FTP server information, saying: "To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host."
      Can any one tell me how to set this up?
      I tried following the instructions here: http://osxdaily.com/2011/09/29/start-an-ftp-or-sftp-server-in-mac-os-x-lion/
      I entered my hostname as 'localhost' and the username/password as my local account username and password. It doesn't work -  just says "Unable to locate WordPress Root directory."
      Is it possible to get this working, or does everything have to be done manually, by copying plugins etc. to the wp-content sub-folders.
    • assyst
      By assyst
      Hi guys,
      I'm a customer of PageLines Framework Developer and I'm can't find my key to upgrade to DMS Developer.
      To be clear, not even my purchase is avaliable on my account (my-account).
      Is possible someone take a look?
    • Olly
      By Olly
      I am reaching out to the community to find out how people are building sites with Pagelines. I want to find out the best workflow for developing websites with the framework.
      I have been a Wordpress user for years for my personal blog but have never really expanded beyond using other peoples themes, widgets and plugins, together with a tiny amount of very basic CSS tweaking to format them. That has really been the extent of my customization knowledge till now. (i.e. next to none).
      I have now begun to change that, and stumbled across the Pagelines framework. I want to really start learning how to customize Wordpress at a more advanced level - i.e. theming etc.
      In preparation, I have completed the Web Fundamentals course on Code Academy (see here: http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/web ) so now have a somewhat better understanding of CSS than I did before. (i.e. I now actually know the difference between DIV and SPAN!) At very least, I like to think that I now have a good understanding of the foundations, and should be able to easily learn more. 
      What I want to know is:
      What is your favorite way to customize Pagelines to look how you want? Child theme? How do you prototype your layout designs? Do you develop locally in MAMP? Or on the live server? How do you push to the live server? FTP? GIT? Something else? Do you use Git version control in your workflow? Beanstalk App? Dreamweaver? CSS Edit? Coda? Sublime Text 2? What tools do you use? What is your optimal development workflow? Why do you like Pagelines over a regular Wordpress theme? Pagelines documentation is pretty bad at explaining a good workflow! I want to know the best workflow for taking a barebones Pagelines install and customizing it to my liking, to the point that it is unrecognizable as the "default" pagelines theme!
      Thanks in advance!