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    • davemoppert
      By davemoppert
      Welp - I have been trying for the last 3 or so hours to get the background images to parallax. It seems like it will work if the canvas areas I am trying to set the Parallaxing background to are in the footer area - but not in the page template's content area for some reason. Any idea how to get parallaxing backgrounds to work in the content area of the page template? - I don't want these sections on every page globally.
      - Dave
    • rich_162534
      By rich_162534+
      My site has a background image that I want to appear on MOST pages. However, I need to display a different background image on a few pages. I am attempting to use the individual page classes to target those pages, but nothing I do will change the background image on the body tag. The following is the code I'm using:
      body {background-image: url ('http://www.tfp.box9design.org/images/bg-body02.jpg')!important;background-repeat: repeat;}
      In order to target a specific page with a different background image I am using the code:
      body .page-id-137 {background-image:url("http://www.b9d.box9design.org/wp-content/images/bg-wood-fence-02.jpg");}
      I am able to use the above code to get the background image on the .pl-area-wrap tag, so why not on the body, html or .page tag?
      For the time being, I have removed the site-wide background image in Global Options.
      the test site is at http://tfp.box9design.org
      Any advice/guidance I can get from the forum would be much appreciated.