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Three Different Blog Page Templates?

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Hey folks. Searched and couldn't find much of anything along these lines.


Is it possible to have different category pages use different page templates, including different layouts (full width, multi-column) as well as different sections?


I'm going to be restructuring my site, www.lifecycleinsights.com. I will have three different categories of posts: 'news & commentary', 'research & publications' and 'web shows & presentations.' The 'news & commentary' posts should look like a normal blog (features section, posts preview). The 'research & publications' as well as the 'web shows & presentations' posts should look like a magazine layout. I assumed the best way to do this was through categories.


I've looked through the options in PageLines. I see how I can change the layout and sections for the category page template, but not how to define multiple category templates.



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Hi Chad,


Actually.... Yes!


The way I do it is to create a unique, static page for each category.


Then, I implement Special Recent Posts, a free plugin that lets you set up a list of recent posts using an elaborate, complex but functional shortcode. This will pull the posts based on the category, as set up in the shortcode.


Add the shortcode in the edit field (in Text mode) but at the bottom, add a "read more" link going to the actual category page that's dynamically created by WordPress.


Here's an example:


[srp display_thumbnail='yes' post_content_type='excerpt' post_content_length='50' post_content_length_mode='words' category_include='7' category_title='no' string_break_link='yes' thumbnail_width='150' thumbnail_height='150' post_status='publish' post_limit='10' post_title_length_mode='fulltitle' widget_title_hide='yes']


You can find the instructions for crafting the code here:  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/special-recent-posts/installation/


That code will give you ten posts in category 7 (assigned by WP) with a 50 word excerpt, with the widget title hidden and a full title shown. Some CSS is required to resize the thumbnails.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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