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Translation in a custom child theme

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I have downloaded the .mo and .po files from the localization center but I'm not sure how to get a translation for Pagelines working. As far as I can find out I can put the .mo file in ~/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize/language/ but that doesn't work.


Also putting it in the ~/wp-content/themes/pagelines/language/ will not magically translate PageLines.


Apparently I'm taking the wrong route. So what is the right way..?

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Did you rename the file?


Assuming in wp-config.php your locale is set to nl_NL then the mo must be nl_NL.mo 


Yes the folder is right, is the plugin active too?

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Ah... The solution was 'renaming the file' from pagelines-framework-nl.mo to nl_NL.mo


I overlooked it in the short manual on the localisation centre, time after time. Blame it on my age. Or glasses.



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