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A second Blog roll, Archive or News page

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This might be so elementary and basic WordPress knowledge that I really should be ashamed to ask, but still… :)


I use the front page for the blog roll and will only allow a small number of blog-posts on the front page. To get hold of older posts I'd like to have some kind of archive list page or such. Basically a page that lists all previous blogposts (regardless of category or age) in the manner I choose to present them. In the top menu I'd like to have a link to this archive view/archive page called News (even if it's old news). 


In the Pagelines Drag & Drop settings, you're able to control the layout of the archive template, but this is of course a dynamically rendered page type which can't be applied to a page. My questions are these:


1. When do the settings for Archive (in Drag & Drop and in Page Options) apply, i.e. at what pages? I can't find a single page that uses the archive page template. Category, Author, Blog, Search, Tag and 404 I can find, but no page using the Archive template.


2. How would you solve the News-page link in the top menu as described above?




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1. The Archive Page Options control your archive pages such as posts from a specific month etc.. If you wish to create a page and display all your posts, you will need to use a plugin. I recommend you search on the Wordpress Plugin Repository.




2. You will need to create a Wordpress Custom Menu, more information can be found here - http://support.pagelines.me/docs/miscellaneous/using-menus/

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