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Repost: Secondary Sidebar & Primary Sidebar Location

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My original post


Hello All,

I presently have a site that is laid out in a two column format (content on left, primary sidebar on right). 
On certain pages, I want to implement another sidebar making it a three column page.  I want the content to appear between the two sidebars.  Once I implement the secondary sidebar, my site appears as:  primary sidebar, content, secondary sidebar.  However, I want it to appear as:  secondary sidebar, content, primary sidebar - meaning I always want the primary sidebar to remain on the right with the new (or special (or secondary) sidebar to appear to the left of the content.  

How do I best accomplish this?   


From Catrina

On those select pages where you want 3 columns, you'll need to select the left column, 2-sidebar layout in PageLines Meta Settings (in the page editor for those pages): http://support.pagel...meta-settings/. You can set up the sidebars and widgets accordingly in Drag & Drop and the Widgets screen.


My response which was incorrect

Thank you Catrina.  It worked like a charm.  Please mark as closed/resolved.


My corrected repost

Edit:  Sorry Catrina.  I spoke too soon.  I simply dragged the Primary Sidebar to SB2 and the Secondary Sidebar to SB1 (in D & D) thinking that would solve my issue.  Unfortunately, it didn't.  I am sure you understand what I am trying to do.  I am sure what you told me is likely the answer.  Somehow, it went over my head.  

Again, I have the site setup pretty much as I want it.  The bulk of the site is two columns with the content on the left and the Primary Sidebar on the right.  On a few pages in the PageLines Meta Setup, I have chosen the 3 column option:  SB, Content, SB.  Presently (my original issue), when I view the site those pages with that I have setup as 3 column pages appear as:  Primary Sidebar (on left) Content (in middle), and Secondary Sidebar (on right).  I would like those pages where I want three columns to appear as Secondary Sidebar, Content, Primary Sidebar.  As you can see, I want the Primary Sidebar to always remain on the right and on those pages where I want/need the additional Sidebar (3 column pages), I want to keep the Primary Sidebar on the right, the content in the middle, and the Secondary Sidebar to appear to the left of the content.

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I've not come across this problem before.  I've tried some solutions, swapping the sidebars between SB1 and SB2, which works great to get the sidebar order correct on a single page.


But when I tried to hide one of the sidebars to make sure that the right sidebar showed only the Primary sidebar, it didn't work.  Forgive me, but I'll have to consult one of our developers.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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James B

Hi there,


Ok the only way I've managed to get this layout working is to do the following.


In the drag and page, in the SB1 area place both the primary and secondary sidebars. Then set the secondary sidebar to 'hide by default'.




In the SB2 area, place the primary sidebar.




Therefore on a page set to a single column layout the primary sidebar automatically displays on the right.


When the dual sidebar layout is selected, you'll need to use the page meta settings to 'hide the primary sidebar in SB1 and show the secondary sidebar'. Then publish the page, the primary sidebar will automatically show in SB2



Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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Thanks James B.  It looks like it is working as I intended/hoped. 

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