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Dropdown menu not working

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All my customer sites on pagelines dropdown menu has stop working.

I upgraded it to the latest version of pagelines and the wordpress and is still having that issue.

Even updated the two js files as requested on another post and still not working.

So feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning has 30 customers sites has bugs!!


So am starting with one customer to bring them to pagelines plateform.


Still having the dropbown menu issue with pageslines

I am using the classic menu

The dropbox is not working.  Can someone help me.

website : www.ginettelong.com


Also I am trying to figure out how to disable comment into pages, I have not see anywhere in the drag and drop section or under page settings.  I use to be able to drag out from the layout the comment into pages before with plateformpro.




Thanks for your help



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I have the same issue, how did you get it fixed?



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