Removing The Title On Static Home Page

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I would like to display titles on all pages except the static home page. I tried this in <> Custom Code  CSS/LESS:
body.home h1.entry-title {display: none;}

 and it did not work.  How do I do it please?


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Please try this instead:


body.home #page h1.entry-title {display: none;}

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That did not work either...any other solution?

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Please try with



body.home h1.entry-title.pagetitle { display: none;}



body.home #page h1.entry-title.pagetitle { display: none;}

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Thank you Batman..this worked for the site: body.home h1.entry-title.pagetitle { display: none;}


You are both awesome for helping and such fast response!  Wonderful people. 

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