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box rows appear different elevations

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I have box rows on 3 main pages, which I want to be inserted at the same location on the screen.


One of the pages seems to raise the boxes just a tad, so when you flip through them, it looks kinda ghetto  :thumbsu:


How can I make the box row under the blue tab, appear at the same location as the box rows that are brown and red?







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Hi there,


On the page in question you'll need to use custom css to reposition the boxes slightly. If they are only marginally out of sync you can adjust the margins/padding for the boxes to get it to align better.


You'll need to get insert the page id of the page with the error on into the below code to replace the x. You'll also need to play the with padding figure until you judge its in the best place.


#boxes .content-pad {
    padding-top: 13px;
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Worked perfectly. Thanks.

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