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Footer not showing in Google Chrome

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I'm seing correctly the page http://www.eppk-bt.net/ in FF, IE but not in Chrome, as the footer is not showing and the widget there is over the main text. What can the problem be?



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Yes, here is the code:


Description: A starter child theme for PageLines.  Use this as a reference for building your own child themes for PageLines Store.
Version: 1.0.2
Author: PageLines
Author URI: http://www.pagelines.com
Tags: developer

Template: pagelines


Themes follow the basic WordPress themes header scheme with the following additions:

	Template: pagelines
	Tells wordpress this is a childtheme and where the parent files are stored.
	Demo: http://a.link.com'>http://a.link.com
	Use this to point to a demo for this product.
	External: http://a.link.com'>http://a.link.com
	Use this to point to an external site, authors home page for example.	

 * File Naming Conventions
 * -------------------------------------
 *	style.css 		 - Main theme style file.
 *  thumb.png		 - Thumbnail image used in the store and on pagelines.com for your product.
 *  screenshot.png	 - Primary screenshot, logo or graphic for your extension item (300px by 225px).
 *	screenshot-1.png - Additional screenshots -1 -2 -3 etc (optional).
 *	page.example.php - Custom page template, check the file for syntax. This is autoloaded.
 *	sections/		 - Bundle sections with your theme in this folder, each section in a seperate folder.

body {font-family: comfortaa;}

#site #header {
height: 300px;

#site #page, #site #dynamic-content {max-height: 250px !important;}

#footer {padding-top: 40px;}

.one-sidebar-right #pagelines_content #sidebar-wrap {position:relative; top: -90px;}
#txoria {position: relative; bottom: 14px; left:36px; z-index:10;}
.twitter-barra {
	top: -70px;
	z-index: 8;
.twtr-doc {
	-webkit-box-shadow: 2px 2px 7px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.69);
	-moz-box-shadow:    2px 2px 7px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.69);
	box-shadow:         2px 2px 7px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.69);
	-webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;
	-moz-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;
	-o-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;
	transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;

.twtr-doc:hover {
	-webkit-box-shadow: 4px 4px 9px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.79);
	-moz-box-shadow:    4px 4px 9px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.79);
	box-shadow:         4px 4px 9px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.79);

/*#site #page-main {background-color: #963200}*/
#site #morefoot_area {background-color: white; margin-top: -100px;}

.hentry .entry-title {margin-top: 15px; color: #963200; font-family: comfortaa;}
.entry-title a {color: white !important; font-family: comfortaa;}
.entry-title a:before {
	margin-right: -43px;
.post-excerpt {color: white !important;}

a.continue_reading_link {color: #c0c0c0 !important;}
.post-meta .metabar em {color: #c0c0c0 !important;}

.section-branding .icons a {width: 100px;}

@font-face {
    font-family: 'comfortaa';
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-bold-webfont.eot');
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-bold-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-bold-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-bold-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-bold-webfont.svg#comfortaabold') format('svg');
    font-weight: bold;
    font-style: normal;


@font-face {
    font-family: 'comfortaa';
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-light-webfont.eot');
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-light-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-light-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-light-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-light-webfont.svg#comfortaalight') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: italic;


@font-face {
    font-family: 'comfortaa';
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-regular-webfont.eot');
    src: url('fonts/comfortaa-regular-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-regular-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-regular-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('fonts/comfortaa-regular-webfont.svg#comfortaaregular') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;


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James B

Hi there, the below css is causing the page to react like that in chrome, remove it and the page goes back to normal.


#site #page, #site #dynamic-content {
    max-height: 250px !important;

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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