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Icons (thumbnails?) in header

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I wish to align/group non standard icons together in the header. Pagelines default icons are not enaugh, I wish to add for phone, email, address etc. so my problem is two fold


1. How do I get new icons to be grouped together with the existing Facebook icon in my header, above std search field?

2. How do I insert new, non standard icons in my header and connect them to a url?


attach image on how it looks today


thanks for all help I can get



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Hi Malin,


I don't see any image attached, would it be possible to reply and attach the image please.


Also, inorder to add contact information to header area, would require the use of a hook. See this forum post for more information - http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/14667-make-header-jpeg-link-to-email-instead-of-root/

If you're unsure how to use hooks or do not feel comfortable, I recommend the Hooker plugin that is available in the PageLines store.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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