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How to connect correct url to icons

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For the standard facebook icon in my header I do not get the correct address asigned to my facebook page, it always includes my whole homepage address as well (adds it infront of my facebook address), how do I connect the right address to my icon? exampel


Question no 2, I wish to have more icons (not the once provided in Pageline framework) like e-mail, telefon, address icons and I wish to group them together with the facebook icon I have in my header, any idea how to place and group them, assign address and where can I find these icons?


anyone out there who can help, I have spent hours trying and are about to give up :(



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Hi Malin

I believe that the right format is for example

with http:// before

You can pick your URL facebook from the browser and then go to

Pagelines > Site Options > Header and Footer 

and copy the URL in

"Your Facebook Profile URL"

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it worked directly, I only forgot to put "http://" before my www.facebook......


Do you have equally good solutions to my other problem?




Ps thanks a million for solving the facebook issue!!

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