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I've installed PageLines many times. I did an install on a fresh WP install this morning and I'm having trouble with the site options and page options pages. Nothing on them is clickable and I get this wheel that in the left menu that looks like it's trying to load something. (see below)


Since my first issue with this was on a completely fresh install, there are no plugins to disable so I know that isn't the issue. It happens in IE, Chrome and Firefox.


I don't get this on any of my older PageLine installs (I did one just 2 weeks ago). I tried installing PageLines on an older, personal blog and it's doing the same thing. See the image below. The red arrow points out the wheel I was talking about. Any suggestions?



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Forgive me... I ended up answering my own question with a little more searching. It turns out I actually did have one plugin installed. It was WP-Property. Disabling that fixed the problem.

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