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Nav Bar issue - add a level impact on top

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Hi there


I am having trouble with the nav bar and levels.  I understand you can't go down 3 levels as per other posts however, I have a problem when I add a level to a parent/top level. 


When adding a page to a top level, the top page is non "clickable" i.e you can't get to it. To get over the issue I have had to add the subject page as a sub page. Does that make sense?


I can't get a image to show you and as the site isn't published yet so not sure how I can show the problem. Site is (jogging-explained.com)


Can you point me to a post that deals with this or advise what I am doing wrong? 


I have other Pageline sites and not had this problem so know I am doing something wrong but can't find it.





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We do not have access to your site. However, the issue you're having isn't an issue but how the NavBar has been designed. When you add child items to a menu, the parent menu item will longer be a menu item that is clickable taking you to that page. Instead when clicked, will open up the sub menu, this is how NavBar is intended to work, as it is based on the Bootstrap NavBar.


If you do not have this on any of your other sites, this is because you're not using the NavBar but instead using the NavClassic section. I recommend you to goto PageLines > Drag & Drop > Header and replace NavBar with NavClassic.


Also, this topic has been brought up several times now, in future please use our search feature before creating a topic.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Apologies I did try to find a post. Thanks for helping

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