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    • Michael Kummer
      By Michael Kummer+
      Hi guys,
      I have been unsuccessfully trying to get my 3-column widgetized footer aligned centered. The widget section itself is aligned left because the alignment appears to be controller the widget's content only. The container that contains the widget section is aligned centered. I have chosen a 3 column layout and I added 3 widgets, assuming they would be aligned centered.
      Any idea of what I may be doing wrong?
      The page is question is: http://www.michaelkummer.com
    • novusweb
      By novusweb+
      We're seeing an abnormal break in widgets in Safari (El Capitan v10.11.4). 3 Widgets set for 4 of 12 columns each breaks correctly in Chrome and Firefox, but the 3rd widget goes to another line in Safari.
      Screenshot attached.
      Hoping there's a CSS fix you could recommend in the meantime, until an update. You can see this on our home page: www.novusweb.com.
    • hibbsy78
      By hibbsy78+
      I have an issue with the widgets on my blog post page. The Facebook widget is being shifted up and next to the Mumii widget above...? How can I force it to remain underneath?

    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      On our website (http://www.blackfives.org) there is an unwanted navbar at the very top of the site, which I can see only after logging out, but not while I am logged in and using DMS Editor in Chrome. Using an inspector, I was able to identify the element and simply do this:
      .section-navbar #navbarusw3odu {   display: none; }   That makes it invisible but it doesn't take away the original problem, namely that I cannot see it in DMS Editor. Why not? Is there a way I can just go ahead and delete it?   Thank you very much.
    • Kempston
      By Kempston+
      I'm battling to figure out why my mobile menu appears twice. When you press on mobile menu icon, the menu appears twice in the slide out menu. Check it out here: http://kempston.co.za.
      Any ideas?
      Many thanks