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    • bwdsl247
      By bwdsl247
      I have this page set as a Launch Page.
      Any ideas on how I can remove the large black footer at the bottom?
      Trying to identify it using Inspect Element and modify CSS but can't figure out what the object is to begin with.
      Or, do I simply need to increase the height of the overall page?
    • randi
      By randi
      I'd like to create a few global adjustments to the launch page container... Help
      I'd like to adjust just the container/body portion where text appears to the following:
      increase width to 850px
      decrease transparency/increase opaqueness
      To be clear, I just want to make adjustments to the container/body (not sure which or both) where the text appears.

      Thanks in advance for the help!
    • stefanoferruggiara
      By stefanoferruggiara
      Hi there ... i would like to move the button that appear in launch page, anyone can help me please?
      Thanks for fast reply..
    • mnevens
      By mnevens

      I like to use a launch (landing page) for my site. Why, because the site is in 4 languages: Dutch, English, French and German, and I like that visitors could choose the language via a lauch page.

      If I create this page, and there are only 3 launch link url pages. I need 4 pages (for every language a button)

      I see that the background is black and I like to have one in white.

      Could you help me with this problem?

      site url: www.crowberryonline.com

      Many thanks in advance,

    • mnevens
      By mnevens
      I've installed LaunchPage plugin on latest Wordpress 3.4.2 with IBlog5Pro theme. The LaunchPage plugin is activated. Where can I make some modifications or where to define the launchpage? I do not find the button for launchpage.
      Can someone help me with this?