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Hello, I'd like to translate text I've created in the Profiles Section (premium section I purchased through the Pagelines store). I'm using WPML to handle my translations, which has so far worked great with Pagelines, but I can't seem to find a way to translate this particular section. Any ideas?

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    • WPML plugin
      By Jackey+
      @Andrew @Simon 
      After some extensive web building with WPML I experienced that I needed to do numerous workarounds to prevent my page data to get lost, and really could not dot the i's. I would therefore like to request PageLines to build a WPML plugin for PL5 that will enable all text fields in the PL5 editor to be handled with the string translator in WPML.
      I think that would give PL5 an edge on the international playing field.
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      I updated my English menu on this site and it worked without issue. However, when I tried to do the same with the French menu, it goes to a 404 page. I'm using an older version of Pagelines on this site as well as WPML for translations. 
      Does anyone have advice on what I can do?
    • WPML translate textbox text?
      By Ellery+
      I am using WPML v3.2.7 and pagelines 2.2.
      Can you please tell if I can use WPML to translate text in textbox?  or other components in pagelines?  Because I saw there are a number of topics regarding WPML.
      By the way, I read this blog post from pagelines:
      but the PageLines Translation Center link is 404 ( 
      Thank you very much for your help.
    • Recommendation needed - Multilinguale
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      Hi all  
      I'd love to get a recommendation regarding DMS 2 and a multilingual language website that I'm going to build.
      How would you setup such a WordPress website with Pagelines DMS? What are your experiences with plugins and DMS 2?  Last time it was a bit complicated. I used WPML, but of course had problems with translating e.g. content which was stored in DMS sections. So I tried to work with widgets which was great for WPML but "not so" for the look and feel  Any hints or tricks?
      Thank you!!
    • Language Support
      By aflalo
      Hi guys - I am in urgent need to translate one of my sites and am running into roadblocks. The site is and if you look you'll see that i'm using a lot of DMS fun. RevSlider, iBox, ProPricing, iCallout and then just random TextAreas. I've bought and installed WPML which would probably do a great job on a standard WordPress install without a great platform like DMS but with DMS there are no obvious ways to just input the translated versions of the text within the aforementioned components/sections.
      Has anyone attempted this before and can lend some guidance? I'm really at this point trying to find where i can even see my primary english versions within WPML in order to provide the translations. Alternatively i would probably duplicate a page as a template and customize it from scratch in the alternate language i guess.