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Purchased Store Item Not Showing as Available

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I just purchased the Wicker slider via the store within Framework.  I received email confirmation that my purchase was successful.  However, these are not showing up as available.  In Pagelines, I choose "Store" and then "Sections" and then look at the tab "Your Added Sections".  I even "Refresh Store" but it's not there.  How can I see this section added?

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Never mind, just say the "install" button when entering the store again.  Thanks!

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      By dawsonbarber+
      Maybe I'm missing something that's staring me in the face, but I can't always find the right prefix for store products (e.g. Floating Icons / Social and Hooker).
      And this particular subforum does not offer the option to select a prefix but the last time I posted here, my post was automatically (and incorrectly) prefixed with Viewer.
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      Website URL: http://www.marielfrias.com
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