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How do I change the number of blog clips displayed in a row on my blog page? (pics)

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I am using my site as a webcomic, and I would like to have the blog page display image-only links to my various comics.  my website is www.juicysquid.com


The pagelines default settings only allows two blog clips displayed per row (see the picture below):





I want to use 200x200 images to link to my blog posts.  When I do this, pagelines just fills in the rest of the page with useless gray space (See image below).  This forces me to use rectangular images to link to my blog posts.   I don't want to use these rectangles.  I want to get rid of the gray area around the pictures and have 3 or 4 images per row.




Can anyone help me do this?


I should add that I don't really know how to use php, but I can copy and paste if given specific enough directions.


Thank you!



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Hi starfrth


The Magazine mode only permit two column.



You may try Special Recent Posts, which provides excellent options to place a specified number of posts (even by category if you wish) on a page, complete with thumbnail, excerpt, link (customizable) and title.  You may also use it in the sidebar, should you wish to.

It uses shortcodes, so it may be used several times on a page.



Is the article going to be static or are you wanting to display content that is going to be dynamic i.e. post ?

If its going to be static, meaning that the content is not going to change, then I would recommend you use the PageLines Grid.


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Hi Batman, thanks for that advice.


I didn't know about the pagelines grid, and I am sure I will use that in the future, but I don't think it can help my current problem.


I am looking to have a dynamic first page that lists all my recent posts by showing a 200x200 picture.  It looks like the Special Recent Posts plugin might be able to do this.


However, since Special Recent Posts works as a widget, doesn't that mean I can only add it to sidebars instead of the main content area?


If it is going to require php editing, can anyone explaint exactly what I have to do?



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Special Recent Posts requires no PHP editing, but it does work by customizing a shortcode you can paste into a static page.  It is not limited to the sidebars.  I use it in posts, pages, in boxes, etc.


We also have something called PostPins which might help.  You might have to do some CSS tweaking with either product.

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