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ContentBox Section Does Not Appear on Blog Page

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First time poster here; please forgive any mistakes.


I'm using the PageLines Section called ContentBox for my header (logo and social links) on -- the code is in the ContentBox area in the PageLines Options > Page Options > Site Defaults and it works like a charm on all of the site pages except for where it is actually pulling code that was previously in the ContentBox section of that specific page's PageLines Meta Settings. 


I've removed the old code from that page's PageLines Meta Settings (and from all other pages -- they're now all pulling from the default ContentBox Site Default settings). I've even tried putting the new code into the pages specific PageLines Meta Settings, but no matter what I do, I don't get the new header to show up.


I'm not running any site cache plugins.


(And, BTW, I'm not concerned about the broken image links that are showing on that page's header; those will go away once I've got the new code to show up.)


Any help is much appreciated!


Happy New Year to all.

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Hi and Happy New Year to you as well!


Welcome to PageLines.


My first question is a simple why? Why use the ContentBox to add Branding and social icons when we already have a section, in fact, two, for this?


The ContentBox is intended for content, not for branding, which normally has several bits that are SEO specific that ContentBox won't have. Using ContentBox is self-injurious, in a way.


Since ContentBox is filled from the page's Meta Settings or the Page Options (global, sorta) and BlogPages are "special pages", I doubt you'll be able to get anything into the ContentBox on that specific page, or other special pages.  I'm asking why simply because you may have had a valid purpose, which I can help to refocus to a better option.


Next and last question:  was there something wrong with the Branding section?  Sometimes people don't like the alignment or minor things and replace the section, rather than adjusting the thing they don't like. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Hi Rob, thanks for the comments and questions.


On my ContentBox issue: You hint that ContentBox doesn't work on Blog pages. Can you or anyone confirm that? Is someone willing to say, "ContentBox is great, but it won't work on Blog pages."? Because, if that's the case, I'll stop using it and request that information be added to PageLines ContentBox information page. All the information there now says "think of it as another sidebar" "use it anywhere" "put whatever you like into it". And, as stated in the original post, it works like a charm on every page (including Blog Post pages) other than the Blog page.


Please advise on the above.


I've used the branding and brandnav sections before on other builds and (mostly) enjoyed working with them. I have found the built in social icons options very difficult to work with and wanted to go with a much faster, simpler solution for this site, which was on a very tight turnaround.

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The ContentBox code you have added to the Site Defaults should work on all pages including the Blog page. However, whenever you use different code in a ContentBox for that page, the Site defaults get overwritten.


In your case, you will need to remove the code that has been added to:


PageLines > Page Options > Blog > Content Box.


Here you most likely have some code that is causing the issue on the Blog page.


Alternatively, why not use a hook, there is a plugin on the store called Hooker that allows you to create hooks super easy and fast. Using a hook will also free up the ContentBox section so you can use it elsewhere.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny. Thanks a million for pointing me there. That handled the problem.


I'm not yet familiar with hooks, but now that I'm on my 5th or 6th site using PageLines and I'm totally sold on this product and process, I'm sure I'll be diving into the options there before long.


Please feel free to mark this resolved.

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