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Top Bar Menu Resizing Issue

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i noticed that when resizing my browser window, the top bar menu looses its background image and some of the button dividers. How can i resolve this?



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Is your PageLines Layout one of the Responsive or the Static layouts?


I have to point out that resizing a browser window is not indicative of the way your site will look in different browsers or sizes.  All it is, honestly, is that browser - resized.   This is kind of like the man who goes to the doctor saying each time he raises his left arm over his head and wiggles his thumb it hurts.  He's surprised when the doctor says  "Just don't do that!" :thumbsu:


Look at Browserstack to see how your site will appear in other browsers and configurations. It's much more efficient and doesn't hurt.  Meanwhile, take two aspirin and see me Wednesday morning. :D


Happy New Year!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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