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Sidebar pushed to bottom - content full width

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I'm new to PageLines and not an expert. I've started building my website in PageLine lite and then installed the Pro Framework.


Though I'm adjusting the spaces for content area and sidebar for default template, in the displayed pages the content is shown full-width and the sidebar items are pushed to bottom, below the main column.


How can I change that?






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If you inspect your column and sidebar CSS, you will notice that they're not loading for some reason. I recommend you disable all non-PageLines plugins and see if this resolves your issue.


If it doesn't you may need to install PageLines Framework again, as something may have gone wrong when you upgraded from Lite to Pro. Did you follow the instructions here when upgrading ?




Also, I have moved your topic to the correct forum, you have posted in Platform Pro, when you're in fact using PageLines Framework.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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