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Sean Convy

Default Template for Platform Pro

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Sean Convy

The blog page on Platform Pro uses the default template. How do I locate that template?


I would like to create a blog page that allows me to have a highlighted area at the top of the page but the default prevents me from doing this.


Any ideas, anybody?

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A default blog page is a "special page" which does have an editable template in PlatformPro.


The solution is to create a blank page named blog and in so doing, select any template available, which may be customized as desired. You can place any kind of section above the Content or below it provided you do not add anything whatsoever to the edit field in the page.  Blog pages do not work if anything has been entered there. Custom content on Blog Pages must come from sections added to its template.


When the page is completed, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and select Static pages. There are two drop down lists.  In the lower (second) select the new blog page and save.  Mind you, there won't be a default homepage, so you'll need to create one of those too.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Sean Convy

Thanks Rob,


I was aware that the blog page was special I just needed to find out where this elusive editable template resides inside of Platform Pro.

I have a page called blog and no matter what template I select the fact that I called it blog results in this message


Note: Individual page settings do not work on the blog page (use the settings panel).


Hence I would like to find the special page that is the 'default page' and then paste in the coding that would allow me to add the highlight template into that page.


I have looked inside of the editor section and see the list of pages but do not see a default page listed, only the various templates that have been created by pagelines.


So for example page.php appears


    This theme is Copyright © 2008-2010 Andrew Powers, PageLines.com (andrew AT pagelines DOT com)



I was hoping to find the default.php page that would allow me to cut and paste in the highlight-page php coding for the top of that page.


I love the platform pro look and feel, but don't like the fact that I cannot manipulate the blog page template.

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Sean Convy

I guess what I am actually looking for is a page template such as example; page.iota.php that we could use as a blog page template and allow us to add in the highlight portion of the page.delta.php template?


As I mentioned earlier, I love the platform, but feel that the blog page looks a little thread bare compared to a highlight page or carousel page.

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The special page templates are not editable and we don't support customizations to core files.  When creating a static blog page, you select one of the templates available in the drop down list found in the right column of the page.  If the template needs to be changed, use the Template Editor, selecting from the drop down list there.


The Blog template is, again, a special template that only deals with the layout, design and presentation of the postloop.  It has nothing to do with the application of a highlight or features, boxes or other sections. There is nothing to stop you from creating a static blog page with the Highlight or Carousel templates. 


Once you've created the page, make sure that the edit field of the page is entirely blank. This must contain nothing at all or the blog will not work.  Saved, you then go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set it to be the Posts Page under Static Pages.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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