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TourKick (Clifford P)

404 page customization

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TourKick (Clifford P)

I created a custom sidebar section and added content in it and used drag-and-drop to add it to the 404 page template. Example: http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/404

Everything displays as desired.


However, http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/events/ displays what looks to be a 404 / Not Found error when really it's an archive page that only shows content to logged in members who have access (since there are no public events at this time). Yet my custom sidebar doesn't show up as desired, like on the http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/404 page. Why not?


Thank you.

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My best guess is that since you're directing the members to the archive page, the system is looking for a substitute for those who are non-members.  Are you using a membership plugin?  That should contain an option to provide a substitute page for the non-members.


I'm also going to guess that since it's archived content, the system (WP, not PL) is looking for some template to use for the 404. It would appear the WordPress default 404 is kicking in, rather than the PL template, or, it's pulling an archived version (which I didn't think we have).  As I used to say in Economics classes "Its a mystery."

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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There's no membership plugin. It's just the Events+ plugin from WPMU DEV that allows me to create BuddyPress-group-specific events. The WP Admin Bar shows me it's an archive page, not a 404 page, but maybe there's a place to customize the "Not Found" message displayed there. If not, please add it as a feature request.

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Actually, you do, it seems, have a membership plugin.  Buddypress is exactly such a thing and it uses many 'special page' templates as you know.  Also, you probably didn't realize that under certain circumstances, the WP Admin Bar will display the notion that the you're viewing one template (what it can see in PF) but in truth, you're seeing a 'special page' template. 


This often happens when people view a Blog Page.  The Admin Bar will display Blog Page or even Default, but if these are modified, the results do not appear because in truth, what's actually, visibly seen is a special page template that cannot be modified via the Framework. This was my suspicion all along when I said that it might be a WP 404.


I'll gladly write to Simon with your request, but I'm not hopeful if it's a 'special page' being called. Meanwhile, I'd suggest you write the author of the Event plugin and after describing your setup, ask him if a special page is referenced.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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