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Pagelines and Ajax Event Calendar conflict

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There is an event plugin called Ajax Event Calendar that I use quite often. I currently have AEC version 1.04 installed which was updated on 2012-12-18 and I have Pagelines 2.3.8 installed.


AEC has a modal event description that shows up when an event on the calendar is clicked. If the Pagelines theme is active the modal halts after going dark and the event description does not show up.


Here is a link to an example: http://www.clubhop.org/mcatty/

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It would seem this is a simple plugin conflict, which unfortunately, we cannot resolve in the forum.  However, you may provide the plugin developer the same information and suggest he try one of the several free versions of PageLines for testing. Additionally, one of our Pros might be able to find or create a patched solution for you.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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