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Station Pro 3 - Menu Not Diplaying Correctly

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LaurelRidgeR    0



I am using Station Pro 3 and have for quite some time.


However, when I logged in today to add some pictures to my gallery I saw that that the sub menus are not diplaying correctly.





When I click on the child page "Float and Centerpin Rods"  The left menu would only display the models I have made in that speicific category.  It now displaying a list to every single page highlighted by gray CSS on the gallery and site and makes it very hard to navigate.




I did no menu alteration, it just started to display like this in Firefox and IE. 


What gives?



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Rob    547

Likely this is a conflict between StationPro3, one of our deprecated legacy products, and WordPress 3.5.  Since no updates to StationPro3 should be expected, it's probably wisest to upgrade to PageLines Framework which takes advantage of everything Wordpress 3.5 has to offer and is routinely updated.  We presently have a Holiday Sale ongoing, which I highly recommend as it includes PLUS -- with live chat support and a free extension every month (a considerable savings on premium plugins and sections).

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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