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    • alisamski
      By alisamski+
      I cannot seem to see navbar css color changes in the desktop version of safari?
      Works fine in Firefox and Chrome and safari on mobile ios.
      Anyone available to check?
      Should show as a lite-grey to navy.
      Here is the link. 
      Thank you.
    • margeau
      By margeau
      I am using the standard navbar - base color theme in the current DMS / WP versions. I am trying to change or eliminate the color of the highlight under the menu items on hover and while viewing the pages linked a menu item. It is a cool effect, but I don't want to use it in this instance. I have been trying to change the color to the background color of my nav section all afternoon using every idea I found on this forum, but I was unsuccessful and thought that perhaps since the base color theme looks different, it may controlled by different CSS.
      I also used Firefox's and Google's development tools to try identify the code, but no success there either.
      The site is not live to viewers, but live to be accessed if that helps: http://dev.ochocodental.com/wordpress/
      Just to clarify, I am pleased with the site's link color being implemented for the drop down highlight color (thank you for doing that as I remember struggling with the in Pagelines Framework), I just want to mask or eliminate the color highlight under the menu items on hover and when visiting the page linked to the menu item.
      Many thanks to anyone who can help me over this hurdle so I can get on to the next one.
    • cerchris
      By cerchris
      Hi There
      I am trying to change the background colour behind the sub-menu links in the dropdown menu on this page

      It is currently grey and I want it to be the same color as the background of the topline links.
      I am using the firebug selector tool but it is very hard to get the right selector to change the css for this, as firefox is not displaying the dropdown correctly. When I hover over a topline link like "Solutions", the dropdown menu appears but when I move the cursor down the dropdow menu disappears. This problem seems to only be happenign in Firefox.
      So I have 2 questions:
      1- Is there anything I can do to help the dropdown display in Firefox?
      2- Can you please give me some help with the correct css selector to change the background color and font size of the submenu links in the dropdown
      many thanks for your help