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multiple row feature thumbs

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At my website:




I am trying to have two rows of feature thumbs, but I am having some trouble.  Is there a way to use css to target only a single line.  For example, I need to make some space between the top and bottom row.  How would I do this?



I also notice that the highlighting of the selected image only works in firefox.  Is that common?

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The issue is that these thumbs are all on one row, so there's not way to actually adjust bottom spacing for just thumbs on the top, but you can try this CSS:

span.nav_thumb {padding-bottom: 10px;}

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That seems to extend some space below the first row, but the face is filled with a horizontal tile of the upper row's image. 

I tried attaching screenshots but it won't let me. 


Essentially, that row of code does not add any free space between the images.  It only adds some more of the upper images extended downward. 


Any other ideas?

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Please try with


span.nav_thumb {margin-top: 10px;}

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This is just a reminder, PlatFormPro is a deprecated theme and the recent 1.6.0 update was a FINAL release.  I heartily, strongly, firmly and fully recommend that you consider taking advantage of our current Holiday Sale to purchase PageLines Framework.  As soon as WordPress comes out with their next major release, it would be no surprise to me if PlatformPro stops working.


The upgrade to Framework will make such things as you're trying to fix much easier.

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