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What are the available selectors and how are we supposed to use them here, that is in the site options ?


Said differently, are these additionnal selectors a way to customize site fonts, aside from / overriding my custom CSS, and if so how ?


For instance, is this a way to adjust the settings of "primary font" for plain post text versus keywords ?


I did'nt find any documentation or forum topics pertaining specifically this :(.


Thx in advance !

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The Typography Section in Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Typography is set up to help you select fonts for various key areas of your site. You have an initial group of fonts to select from or, if you wish, you may implement the Google Fonts plugin via our Store (free) adding over 500 fonts to select from.


Under each selection list, you'll see "Edit Font Styling" which allows you to change basic font styling for that selection.  Additional selectors such as <strong></strong> can be added as well in the "Advanced" options.


Setting things like font sizes, and specific font options in particular places in your site requires custom CSS.  Using Firebug or Chrome's Inspection Tool, this is relatively easy to do.


Please see for additional information.

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Dear Rob,

Thank you for your quick answer; I should have found by myself the relevant PL documentation entry : thanks a lot :) and my bad :( !


I actually searched unsuccessfully docs & forums with the "additional" and/or "selector" keywords... whereas you / PL refer to custom and/or HTML tags. Please forgive me here for my school-level ant not fully W3C compliant English ;)


In concrete terms, using these PL Typography section advanced options, I swimminly set up almost all font properties for some common logical tags (such as emphatic & strong emphatic) that is family, variant, weight, etc. Except style property : the HTML <em> tag, despite being set to normal with this feature, still displays italic text...

This considered (what works fine or does not), I'm still wondering what's the real interest of this feature : tips & tricks I missed ? benefits & drawbacks versus "global / whole site" custom CSS ?

Notwithstanding these questions, I suppose you may consider my problem has been resolved ;)

Best regards,


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