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A Bit Of A Trifle: Branding Icons And The Half Opacity Problem

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Hi again. I have my link to my modal login hooked to the branding section and then repositioned to look like it's a part of the nav (www.bringtheharvest.com). But because I used the branding icons hook, my login link registers as one a them social medier icons. They start out at .5 opacity; on hover they go to full, and then after hover they go back to .5. I want my link to be at full opacity at all times. I took care of the before hover state. It's good. But after I hover and move the mouse away, it goes to a .5 opacity state, and I can't figure out how to make that go away. Like I said, a trifle, but it should be an easy fix. 


I tried this: #branding .icons a:hover:after {opacity: 1;} 


which is how I changed the opacity of ".icons a" successfully. 


but #branding .icons a:hover:after {opacity: 1;}  doesn't work. 



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Hi thomstark

In my web I try with


.section-branding .icons a {opacity: 1 !important;}


This work fine to me.
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