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Please Help Me... My Website Is Down And Its Almost Christmas. Please Please Please!

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Hi There, I realised that someone had hacked into my account and put some information about buying ble pills on my header. Google had already noticed and marked my website with "the site is compromised" in serch engines. I panicked and logged unto the webstie, changed my password and proceeded to find out what had happened as adviced by google. What happened was that, the hackers had put some information about viagra an callais on my website in the header. so when you visit the site,and you click the logo it goes straight to an online pharrmacy in australia. I have no idea why they would pick on me. I spent ages building this website and not without help from all of you. So this is what I did, I went into thesource and found the information. I was so angry and upset that I immediately deleted it. And something might have gone terrible wrong because now accessing my site shows this error code. Please can you help me? How can I restore the bestie less the hacked information? I have the site on back up but it will be a disaster if I cannot get a clean website before Christmas The website addrwess is www.primalashes.com

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Download a fresh copy of the framework from your members area and re-upload all the files.


Likely your server has been compromised. I did a little digging, as i wanted to find out if your host offer full site backups.


You have over 1000 domains on your single server! Being that its godaddy, they might be able to roll the whole site back to before it was attacked, but if you do that you will have to find out how it was attacked and remove the point of entry. Likely it was a plugin you installed.

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You are like an angel! Thank you so much. I will get on to Godaddy. I dont know why they would give me an account with a 1000 domain names. Very annoying! So you think I am better off removing some of the plugins?? The only one I have recently downloaded was jigo shop. It might be that. Thank you so much. I read so many bad reviews about jigo shop. Why Pagelines support them is beyond reason

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