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Wp Errors Suddenly: Warning: Creating Default Object From Empty Value In /homepages/5/d365318221/htdocs/wp-Content/themes/platformpro/core/library/cla

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My site suddenly has a whole slew of errors at the top of the page and they all look like this:


Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /homepages/5/d365318221/htdocs/wp-content/themes/platformpro/core/library/class.layout.php on line 164


with different pages and php doc being affected. 


Originally there was an error saying the site needed to upgrade to php5 since the server was using php4 so I upgraded then got these errors. Any ideas?

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Turn debugging off, should be off by default on all servers.

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Well that depends on your host.

Sometimes its as easy as adding something to .htaccess file, but you need to ask them as it should be off by default.

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Hmmm. I talked to the hosting service and seems the were doing something with the upgrade of php. I think it's magically fixed now... Thanks Simon for your help!

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      Please Note: Recent software such as DMS is not affected by this security advisory.   Three days ago we were alerted by Securi via email that there were a couple of problems with two of our legacy themes, namely PlatformPro and PageLines Framework.
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