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Hide Search Not Working

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I already submitted a bug report for this, but have no confirmation on it yet. Maybe there im missing something.

When i try to hide the search using the hide search option, it doesnt work. I check this & save it & the search remains always there.


this when using the NAVBAR, when using the nav classic it works.


See screenshots





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This is not a bug.  If you look at your first screenshot and read the page, it clearly says "Nav Classic - Hide Search".  Logically, it is going to hide the search for the Nav Classic only, not NavBar.


Go to Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > NavBar and scroll down to NavBar and Fixed NavBar Configuration Options


Find the option "Standard NavBar - Hide Searchform?"  and check that.  You may optionally also check the one for Fixed, but it appears your menu is not set to be fixed.   See the image below.


It helps greatly to read the instructions, labels and documentation.


Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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