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Header Problems

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I would like the header of the site I'm working on to be filled with the header image, and go edge to edge with no padding on either side. I do not want the image to shrink to fit.


I tried using the feature built in to PL of adding a custom header image. At first it was there, though it had shrunk to fit into the padded area. Then it disappeared, and I tried everything to get it back. I gave up on that.


Then, I made a banner that contained the graphic, and dropped the banner into the header. That worked better, but it was still being pushed over by the padding. I tried a left margin of -10px, to no avail. I tried different CSS things, trying changing the padding on selectors that I could guess at. 


I also want the menu to touch the sides - not be squished in by padding.


How do I get rid of the left and right padding in the main website area? 

What is the best method to use for putting an image in the header?





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Hi kmacauley, I can not see your URL live (name and password required) but...


I have the header background set to the content width instead of the page width on my web (http://arte-baires.com.ar)


If you need this, first I setup in

Pagelines > Site Option > Layout editor

this options

"Responsive with Pixel Width"


"Full-Width Sections" 


Then I add this CSS rules


#header.container-group {background-image: url(http://YOUR IMAGE HERE.jpg;}

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Thanks for the reply. 


I remembered that I could use the browser to inspect the elements, and was able to get the selector names. I added the CSS changing the padding 0px. All is well.



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