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Line Spacing

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This may be a CSS issue which will showcase my ignorance of simple CSS programming, but I want to extend the line spacing on my home page just a bit - maybe to 1.5 or 2.0 instead of 1.0. How do I do that? The site I'm working on is at http://mysteriouske.com and I'm referring to the text on the home page. Thanks.

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Hi again

If you want to extend the line spacing only in you home page you need add before your CSS code



f you also wish to know how I find the page ID, all you need to do is load up FireBug or Google Chromes web dev tool and inspect your page html, at the top you should see body which has a number of classes assigned to it, one of these is page-id-XX (replace XX with your pages id value. I have added a screenshot to assist you.




In your case is



If you need more CSS help, make sure you've downloaded Firebug for Firefox

and check out W3 Schools for more info. 


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