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Feature Slider Missing In Platform Pro/base

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I have a few sites that I'm still using platform pro/platform base with and they have all started to have problems.

I've been blaming it on my hosting server... but the problems continue and seem to go away when I switch to a default template.

My biggest problem is with www.hotelmiramarpr.com which keeps becoming very slow and showing just the header and the menu bar... The feature slider and footer are both completely missing.  Sometimes, I get a message that No Posts Available.

I used to be able to fix it by switching back to the default template, then back to Platform Base and resetting the home page to a static page (Home).

This would work for a day and then the same problem occurs with the header/menu only and either a blank screen or the No Posts Available message.

Today, I did the same process to reset - but I just get the header and menu.

If I navigate to a page, I'm fine... all content is there...

I've checked the feature sets and page template is set to feature page.

I'll be moving to a new server in the next few weeks, but would like to get this stable in the meantime.


ps. Wordpress and all plugins are updated to latest versions...  I've deactivated all plugins and the problem persists.

      Wordpress toolbar is not displaying above the site when I go between dashboard and site... so maybe is something with latest version of wordpress?




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The first thing I'll point out is that PlatformPro is now a legacy theme.  Each time WordPress upgrades, as it did very recently, more things in PlatformPro are likely to break, therefore I'm strongly recommending you upgrade your sites as fast as possible to PageLines Framework.  PlatformPro/Base will not be updated in future.


We actually have a sale going on for the holidays, so it's a good time to do this.


I suspect this problem may be one of those unfixable conditions.  How are the images being called? From NextGen or from Dashboard > Features?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Hi Everyone, I gave up trying and upgraded to Framework - easier to modify then play all day....  

Having the same issue with www.caribbeanconsulting.com if anyone wants to take a look...

Slow and template keeps getting corrupted, I fix it and then it falls apart again - especially the feature area...  Thanks!

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You're right, upgrade is the best...  but the way I set up the pro/base site, I have to make lots of changes to reformat callouts, features, etc. but its better than always breaking....  rh

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Okay. I looked at your site and your slider is working fine.  The issue is that you're seeing 610px by 340px images moving left and right because the image is to the right of the text area, rather than beneath it.


Let me explain.  The text area is designed to be an overlay, not a side-by-side component.  As a result, it's seeking to sit over the image. You've customized it to align the image to the right of the text overlay, which is fine, but failed to set a fixed width for the text overlay.  Each time it changes, because the width of the text changes, moving the image left or right.


The most effective solution, however, is to create a new image that's the full width of your slider area with a white background, copy the photo and paste it onto the new image, aligned to the right edge. That will cause each image to have the exact same alignment. I do this on one of my sites. This allows the text overlay to sit atop the white space of the full-width image and no matter how wide the text is, the picture will always be where it belongs.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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I'm having the same issue at http://eosworldwide.com. I get pagelines is not going to fix it, but I'm in the same boat with 100's of hours of customization that keep me from upgrading.


Did anyone find a quick fix to this?

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rtysmith your features are on the page, and cycling away as usual, the issue must be some css, or zindex issue hiding them from view. You have a LOT of plugins putting JS and CSS into the page. So I suggest deactivating a few or reviewing your custom CSS til you find out what hid the features.

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