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How Can I Make Simple Tag Work On Pagelines

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Hello! Guys,


 I'm trying to make the plugin Simple tags work, which make appear tags for pages. I found that i had to put a specific code to make it work " Tags: <?php the_tags(' ', ', ', ''); ?> ". I would like to put the tags between the sharebar and the page content and i don't know how to do it.


 Do you have any idea on how can i do this? hooks? what php page should i put this code in?


 Or is there a way i can do it using some of the pageline settings?


Thanks in advance!

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Add to pagelines-customize/functions.php:



add_action( 'pagelines_loop_after_post_content', create_function( '', "if( is_page() ) the_tags(' ', ', ', '');" ) );
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 Simon, that works!!


 The only thing i want to do now is add the word "Tags:" with a different color in the same line of the tags.


 Like this: Tags: test, mytag, etc,


 I've tried to add this:

add_action( 'pagelines_loop_after_post_content', create_function( '', "if( is_page() ) the_tags('<em style='color:#AAAAAA;'>Tags:</em> ', ', ', '');" ) );

 But this way doesn't work.


 And this way works but the tag line is bellow the word tag:


 function pagetags(){

echo "<div style='color:#AAAAAA;'>Tags: </div>";


 add_action( 'pagelines_loop_after_post_content', 'pagetags' );

 add_action( 'pagelines_loop_after_post_content', create_function( '', "if( is_page() ) the_tags(' ', ', ', '');" ) );

 Do you think is possible to do this?


 If not, no problem i'm gonna use the way it is.


Thanks a lot!

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add_action( 'pagelines_loop_after_post_content', create_function( '', "if( is_page() ) the_tags('<em style='color:#AAAAAA;'>Tags:</em> ', ', ', '');" ) );
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That works! Thanks for your help!

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