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    • FionaFell
      By FionaFell
      Hi Team, 
      I've created a new website using PageLines DMS, and I have a questions around the Mobile display of this website. 
      When viewed using a laptop/desktop things are great and visitors can see the pics and the form, side by side. 
      When being viewed on a smaller mobile device, like an iPhone things that are in two columns (wedding/pets) get a rank/order and appear in one continuous stream of content. 
      My questions is, can I choose the order in which items appear? My client wants the text box that contains the contact form to appear first, rather than the large image galleries and testimonials. 
      Desktop - side by side is great - perfect as it is now
      Mobile - prefer the text box inc contact form to appear first, then images/galleries/testimonials
      Can this happen? What changes do I need to make to have things arranged in this order for mobile devices?
      Thanks for your help with this.
      - Fiona
    • Rob Thomas
      By Rob Thomas+
      I haven't seen any detailed information on what the upgrade to 1.1.1 means. Perhaps it is somewhere, but it was not in any FAQ I received when I was upgrading. 
      Please be aware that the legacy Sidebars are no longer supported in 1.1.1.  I had put items in said sidebars and they were deleted upon upgrade to 1.1.1 It was easy enough to do a workaround by using the Custom Sidebar plugin and making my own plugins for the items that were deleted. 
      People like me who may have old plugins installed from sections from Framework take note: these old plugins can totally break your site. I had the old Profiles section installed (but as far as I know, it was no longer active as I wasn't using it): it borked my site and I was unable to even access the dashboard. I just went to FTP and deleted it (and any other legacy sections). 
      Hope this helps some people. 
    • fumitol
      By fumitol
      I am currently having a strange issue...
      When one takes a look here: http://fumitol.com/about/ you will notice that there is a mysterious edit button after my text about me.
      I'm not sure what I have done to make this happen.
    • John Lee (Folium Partners)
      By John Lee (Folium Partners)
      We have two profile pieces found here:
      The top two people are generated by one instance, the others (3-across) are generated by the second instance. We have two co-founders who ought to be the top section (as they are here), and the rest of the company in the second section.
      We'd like to have these in a particular order. For example, employees coming before the intern, and managers coming before general staff. The problem is that people in the company are not grouped by WordPress user type. We have three admins, one editor, and some authors. These do not correlate to founder status or position in the company so it's of no use to us in Profiles.
      What's the secret to being able to show and order users within a single Profiles instance?
      If the answer is that we can't accomplish this, any recommendation of another plugin or section we might use would be a wonderful Christmas gift.
    • joseneas
      By joseneas
      Is there any way to configure the settings for the "Author Plus" without having to define credentials in each post for "Author Plus Social Network Profiles", Heading, Subtext and Author Plus Image?

      Apologies for my mistakes nonsense writing, I confess that my English is very bad! : (

      I live in Brazil.

      I'm using Pagelines - Version 2.2.5.

      Thank you!