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Widgets Frozen

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Wordpress version 3.5

Pagelines version 2.3.8


After upgrading, the Widgets page is completely frozen. I cannot open tabs (the Primary sidebar tab stays open, cannot close or open tabs within it), cannot click and drag from Available Widgets, cannot edit. Nothing. It is essentially frozen. When I rollover the tabs I do get the hand tool although. (No, I am not trying to navigate on a screenshot.)


Attached is the widget page as is, I cannot change the state of how it looks from here.

I tried in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Same.


But, all of the widgets are active and working properly on the website itself. So they haven't been deleted or messed up.


All other areas of the site are working, including Menus (drag, drop, edit).


Perhaps with the new Wordpress 3.5, Pagelines may need to adjust to the new widget features?


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PageLines does not do anything to the widgets page, so there is nothing to update ;)


Could be a plugin outputting some javascript to every admin page causing a problem. Try deactivating them til you find the offender.


Tty clearing browser cache too, might help.

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Thanks Simon

Turns out it was the Widget Logic plugin. Oy. I hope they update the plug in for Wordpress 3.5. I can't live without Widget Logic!

Glad it wasn't Pagelines.

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Glad it wasn't Pagelines.

So are obviously ;)

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