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    • robin2321
      By robin2321
      I'm in the process of selecting a real-time CSS editor.  I have narrowed the selection down to two editors Stylizer and Topstyle.  My question is is there any problem with either one of these editors when working with PageLines DMS.  Also, if someone has for another CSS editor I would appreciate hearing about it.  I am not an expert in CSS but do have a working knowledge of CSS code and capabilities.
    • triggerfish
      By triggerfish+
      My website suddenly cannot find the style.css
      It was working yesterday..today..yikes!!
      I have double checked everything, reloaded the css file..nothing seems to work. In preveiw of the page in DMS it all looks good.
    • triggerfish
      By triggerfish+
      My clients website does not display the pagelines-customize/style.css just on some computers running ie8.
      I have tested it on many different systems and in ie8 and ie9 and it works great, but on my clients computer none of the CSS for the menu is displayed, and it is showing also a hidden menu (for mobile).
      A screen shot of what my client sees is here... http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com/PAUL-ie8.jpg
      Website here.. http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com
      Hmm seems to be a problem with your image uploader, i have reduce my file size to 1.3 k and I still get this message ...
      PAUL-ie8.jpg Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload)