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Conflict With W3Tc Plug In

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Hi, I am experiencing a conflict with pagelines and W3TC plug in. 


I've used pagelines on several sites. WIth my most recent site (on a new host) the speed of the site was an issue so I did some research and came upon w3tc, supposed to be a fabulous plug in. Quickly realized I needed some help configuring properly so I enlisted the help of w3 edge.


Soon after we started experiencing the admin bar not showing up when it was supposed to and being there when it wasn't (even from other machines that were not logged in). VIsitors did not actually have access to the site but it sure looked like they did. Not desirable.


We were feeling like it had something todo with the host, being too slow. SO as a test I created a clone on a different host that I had used previously without trouble. I was able to recreate the problem.


SO I deactivated all plugins and the problem went away. Activated just w3tc and it cam back. I figured it was just the plug in.

But then I switched themes and reactived the plugin and all was normal....


What this all says to me is that there is a conflict between the plug in and pagelines.


Has anyone else experienced this and more importantly is there a way to fix?



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Looks like you have the plugin setup incorrectly, which is easy as there is about 1000 settings ;)


There will be a setting in there somewhere to not cache pages for known users, you want that set to on so it never serves a cached page for a logged in user, otherwise everybody gets the same pages.

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