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arlomiller    7

Is it possible to put buttons into features that are part of feature sliders?


I tried using the short code [pl_button type="info" link="https://www.millerfamilydermatology.com/?page_id=1353&preview=true"] Medical Dermatology [/pl_button]


it does put a button there, but definitely not as expected.  I'd like to get a button more like the type that is in the hero element.  But i can't just use the hero element because I'm looking for a slider.

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Danny    1,327


Where did you try adding the shortcode for the button ?


Can you provide a screenshot of how it looked please.

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arlomiller    7

I can't post a screenshot because of your 8.94k file size limit.  could only get the image down to 40k.


so here is the page




The failed button is at the end of the caption on the first slider and shows up as teh text "Medical Dermatology"

The whole caption is:

Issaquah Washington ___________________________________________ Specializing in Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology Medical Dermatology 


Issues here:

-why won't the caption respect line spacing?  I'd like it to show up as:

Issaquah Washington


Specializing in Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology


Medical Dermatology


-Why won't the button for "Medical Dermatology" Render?

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catrina    103

Your image shouldn't be that big. Are you uploading it as a JPEG or a TIFF (you should upload it as a JPEG)?

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