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Customize Main Header Text/logo Link

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I implemented a splash page on my website, so now the main header logo/text links to the splash page and not the new homepage.  How do I get the logo/text to link to the new homepage?  The logo isn't an image but just text.  **WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS ARTISTIC NUDITY**


Splash Page:  http://www.andreamarymarshall.com/

Homepage: http://www.andreamarymarshall.com/home/


Thank You!

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Since it's just text, in the splash page's HTML view in editing, just make a link by highlighting the text and clicking the link icon.  Enter the URL that the text is to be linked to (homepage).  Save.


The look of the linked text may change based on CSS.  Don't worry. We can fix that later, should it happen.

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