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    • aldisney
      By aldisney+
      I was wondering if there was a relatively easy to way automatically assign a thumbnail to a post category when displaying posts in the Masonic Gallery format, when the post doesn't have a featured image? I've got a client with a ton of posts that just won't have any featured images, but each category has a header image. I'd like to display the header image as the thumbnail for all these posts, since, going forward, my client does actually plan to use featured images.
    • marc.stubbe
      By marc.stubbe
      i created more than one page inspiration, with a result that the only current page inspiration is named: http://www.vmhdigital.nl/inspiration-3/
      I emptied the garbage bin, but cannot rename this permalink, do you know how to solve that?
    • jonesbre10
      By jonesbre10
      I am recieving the same error message for all of my posts "404! Sorry this page does not exist" and Im not sure what I did to cause it. I was able to view the posts fine recently.
      The only thing I have noticed is that all of my posts have the same permalink now which looks something like "www.website.com/rock". I admit I was messing around with permalinks for the different pages but I dont know now how to reset the posts or any permalinks. Even new posts now make this permalink connection with "www.website.com/rock".
      Any advice would help I dont know much about permalinks and would be happy just to reset them.
    • seattle5021209
      By seattle5021209
      Hello and thank you for your help with these questions.
      I have two questions, but they are tied to one another so I decided to post them together.
      I would like to replicate the way the following website has set up their posts:
      1. Straight Link to 3rd party sites - As you can see, if they are linking to a 3rd party article, they credit the article and when you click on the post title it takes you straight to an outside website [straight link], and not to the loopinsight.com post permalink.  
      I would like to set up my posts this way.  If I am writing my own content post, when visitors click on the title they should be taken to the post's permalink.  However, if I am linking to a 3rd party site post that I found interesting, when visitors click the title it should take them straight to that 3rd party site.
      2. Permalink Button - I would like to recreate the little loop besides every post [with my own button of course].  This little loop button takes you the post's permalink [http://www.loopinsight.com/...].  
      I would like to display a corresponding "Permalink" button next to each of my posts.
      Thank you so much for your help.
    • Anthony Luth
      By Anthony Luth
      I am working on a project that utilizes both Blog category and category name. I am trying to have the blog archive page list only posts for the Blog category and an additional archive for posts from other categories, for example:
      If a post is from category Sports, it shows on somedomain.com/category/sports or somedomain.com/sports/somepost and not under somedomain.com/blog and so on, and so forth. This is not added right now natively, so I will need to build a custom template to do this, but this could be a most beneficial addition to the pagelines frame work.