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Layout Not Working Well

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Listen Nick.. which is the best way to understand how have validate site?

I have just reinstall all and give me the same problem.. ok .. the site work but.. you know.. the would be have html clean code.

Any suggest?

You think that i can ask in pros section for resolve this problem?

"Se c'è una sola possibilità.. lo faccio, se non c'è.. la creo!"

Coach Stefano Ferruggiara, Allenatore Fisico & Mentale

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You have Firebug or Chrome tools.  Looking at the boxes in Firebug,  I see that the image is not aligned within the box area. What happens is that the image aligns left without coding, by default.  Since the box area is so wide, the space has to be filled and without no alignment for the images, the flush left.  This is the result, I'm sorry to say, of your coding and not something PageLines did.


The solution Batman offered was correct.


Here's what I found works too, and this was independent of Batman's correct response:

.top_thumbs .fboxgraphic, .only_thumbs .fboxgraphic {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

Let me explain this.   The "auto" option allows the image to be automatically aligned.  With no other alignment, this will follow the rest of the site's alignment and essentially center... IF you make both left and right auto margins set to auto.   It's telling the image to align equally on both sides.


As soon as I applied that to one of your client sites, the three boxes lined up in the center of each box and the left and right space were even.


On a personal note, I know you get upset when things don't work, but as one Italian to another, don't go into panic mode every time. Nothing is so "URGENT" that you need to go into crisis mode and post bug reports, panic posts and be upset.  This is not worth having cardiac arrest from.  It's just page styling.  It will always be fixed but if it takes 24 hours to do it, then it takes 24 hours to do it. Solutions in a forum are not provided instantly.  You've just got to be patient.

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"Se c'è una sola possibilità.. lo faccio, se non c'è.. la creo!"

Coach Stefano Ferruggiara, Allenatore Fisico & Mentale

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